Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka Zimmerman is the first facilitator I ever heard present the fascinating and very powerful modality called “Access Consciousness.” She has since moved on to her own powerful modality that she refers to as “Adventure in Oneness”. Rikka has a positive energy and lightness about her that can distract you (in a good way) from the fact that she is turning your universe upside down from every angle (again, in a good way.)
If you don’t feel like reading all of my stuff and just want to hear her in action – which I certainly don’t blame you for, go to the Rikka Zimmerman Site here.

Rikka is doing 7 days of FREE live calls. Click here to signup for the free “Energetic Spa Week”

The free audio classes are great, honestly better than a lot of stuff I’ve paid for in the past. To get them however, you DO have to enter your email right under the top logo and get on her list to send it to you. Fear not though, she is not a shameless affiliate spammer who sends daily garbage in your inbox.. just in case you dislike that as much as I do. It’s not in her M.O.

Now back to my thoughts.

Rikka Zimmerman and Her Facilitation Style

As someone who has obviously checked out a lot of material in this arena of consciousness / self growth / whatever, I’ve found Rikka’s material to be some of the most efficient and thorough at changing beliefs, seeing things from a different point of view, letting go and just getting straight up results. Like all my favorite people in this field, she will often say things that sound very obvious, yet you’ll also say “I’ve never thought of it that way before.”

Rikka ZimmermanRikka’s speed with pulling out the right tool for the job, plus lightning fast responses to questions and conversations in workshops are a big part of what makes her material effective. Techniques are great but by themselves they are similar to musical technique.. the individual performer has a LOT to do with how effective it is.

Rikka has a way of making you feel like you’re not really “doing” anything.. at least not in the strenuous efforting sense.. with an almost joking around vibe at times. Do not let this fool you. I myself am a pretty “let’s get down to business” type, but there is a lot of powerful processing going on at a rapid pace in her work. She is incredibly quick and intuitive. Someone asks a question or makes a comment and she is able to put it in context, see it from another angle, and run a process or clear it.. without hesitation. The best facilitators in any modality can do this and I have a real love of hearing anyone on that level do their thing. I know one or two people that have said it’s too fast, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I actually prefer Rikka’s Adventure in Oneness material more than her previous work with Access, which was excellent. The thing I like most about it is that it does not emphasize a special “clearing statement,” which inherently suggests that there is some type of magic power in the words. It is now different questions, different angles, etc.

Anyone who has gone far enough into this type of work knows that it is you, your awareness, your willingness to question and move forward, and not a special phrase or technique. The new material is more empowering for this reason.

You can hear samples of her material and other free stuff at her website, here.


Review / Overview from someone who has worked with Rikka in person

Shining blue eyes smiling brighter than her smile, Rikka Zimmerman is able to draw people in just with her photo. Her genuine bubbly smile has us wondering if it is truly possible to have what her snapshot invites. With all the gloom that floods us through media and by just mere ‘existing’ to live, most who are searching for that sunny day, may have a tempting finger on Rikka’s Youtube channel. At first what seems like a childish outlook on changing our lives, we may be left to wonder if we still have that little light inside of us.  Are we looking in the wrong place? Should we be looking at all?

In the past several years there has been more demand for all of us to change. Surprisingly, this change has shown in the area of consciousness, energy and self-empowering. A new way of ‘thinking’ is spreading like a plague as this world as it stands cannot maintain the structure that is in place. Those who are aware of it can see it crumbling or shifting into something different. Some of us look to those who can concur with what is going on. We have been wondering if we are the only ones, now there are some who come out to the open to help us connect with each other.

For those who follow Rikka, we know she was studying at the College of Expanded Awareness for quite some time (also known as Access Consciousness). Rikka has contributed to many people using the tools of Access and many other techniques. It is undeniable that she has great awareness when working with people energetically to allow more freedom in their lives. So why did she “Leave Access Consciousness”? Gary Douglas would like everyone to get clear that Access Consciousness is a strange company.  They want you to find what works for you and you can come and go as you please. Rikka has techniques that are not Access Consciousness techniques so as a result has to create her own business, Adventure in Oneness, with Gary’s encouragement.

Rikka’s style still uses questions to empower us to know what we know and to tap into what maybe blocking us from using our full capacity for living. One of her techniques is something that is becoming more popular with addressing ‘blocked energies’ which is asking us to look at the possibility that we have been doing this for a long time, in many other lifetimes. Not an unknown philosophy, (also known as reincarnation) for those who are used to this idea they barley look twice. To those who are new to the concept of choosing limitation in other lifetimes, choosing things that we cannot even cognitively conceive of in our current life, can be threatening to our belief systems and the control we think we have with our lives. It is a brave person who can push aside all that they have learned, to open up to this new, but strangely familiar way of being… working and communicating with energy, past lives, spirits, dimensions and universes. This all seems overwhelming to most, but, what if it were simpler than trying to be the Einstein, Socrates, or Nostradamus of our time?

Rikka is reaching out to all of us who knows that life should be happy, fun, easy, and inspiring. Her techniques can assist us in pulling ourselves out of the mud of doom and gloom, trauma and drama, polarity, and all the stuff that we think is our garbage. When we can see that this stuff we can more easily unchoose it. She also spends a good deal of the session getting us to see that we are more magnificent than we judge in the mirror everyday. She also speaks of ‘vibrations’ (that are best left to our own interpretation.) The sessions also present a ‘self-help’ style, allowing us to strengthen our capability to perceive energy so we may better recognise what is limiting us to the space that is possible. After clearing the blockages she then facilitates us in creative questions that invite change and a happier way of life to show up. For those who are unfamiliar with that concept, it is much like the ideas presented in ‘The Secret’, ‘Access Consciousness’, spells, and prayer. In the Bible the quote, ‘Ask and you shall receive’ May be a phrase that holds more truth than we are willing to acknowledge. We practice asking all the time and we maybe a little impatient or may not have the technique that will create the best results. What if there are people who have found a recipe for asking the universe for a better, easier, more fun life? What if all it took were some helpful hints and practice?

The first impression of Rikka can really jar anyone who is not used to the joy that she has. Is it perhaps because we do not believe we can have that so we shut it out as fast as we can? Taking one of her classes or even an intro class can be a fascinating trip into a different reality. With her cute high heels and sexy look contrasting her child-like bouncy humour that gives you a sense of relief and curiosity. She is not afraid to be ‘herself’ and that is intimidating, at best, and an invitation to those who desire to be that. This is a woman who I have taken some classes with and she acknowledged my being by merely looking into (and past) my eyes with a huge genuine smile as I passed her in each class, acknowledging what we could be acknowledging in ourselves.

Tanya Liczner

Adventure in Oneness Membership

Rikka has gotten the ball rolling with her Adventure in Oneness modality and is now offering two types of monthly membership. One is the regular membership, and the second is the Very Important Being membership that at first struck me as a high price tag for a recurring program, but not when I saw the amount of material and her personal time that goes into it. We will list below the features that you can avail of as an AIO member at either level, then list those that are for VIBs only.



Features Available for Both AIO and VIB Members

As an AIO member and VIB member, you will get four mp3 recordings that are one hour long each, every month. These recordings will help you open up to unending possibilities and take you to and beyond everything you believe is inaccessible, which is her specialty.

There are also 90 minutes of live tele-calls each month, in which Rikka will do her processing in different facets of your life including health, finance, relationships, oneness and abundance among others.

The next feature is that of live-streaming videos which will allow you to access the new awareness programs designed by Rikka every month. With this feature, allow yourself to absorb Rikka’s energy and internalize new kinds of awareness. You will feel passionate and exuberant when you expose yourself to these recordings. As an AIO member, you will have the privilege of only one recorded live-streamed video every month while as a VIB member; you will have access to four of these.

With either membership, a 24×7 community support will engage with you while you participate in live-streamed conversations. With people who think like you and can connect with your ideas of consciousness, you will be pleased to have access to this feature. Also when Rikka decides to give a gift away, you will be among those who qualify to receive those bonus gifts and offers.

No matter which membership you hold, you can access the resource library and browse through their recorded classes, videos, downloadable files, tele-calls and other things that are being stored every day. This ever-expanding library has new surprises for you every time you come back to check. While as a VIB member, you can access all their available files and documents, as an AIO member, you will have access to only a select few.

Features Available for VIB Members Only

Obviously as a VIB member, you will have certain perks that regular AIO members won’t. These include an exclusive 10 per cent savings on all of Rikka’s products as well as classes. This discount is not valid on the tele-summit packages though. The other feature that is available to only VIB members is the Special Events feature. With this privilege, you can join Rikka’s live classes for instant personal exchanges and bonus classes, while attending her classes. This way you can engage with her on a one-on-one basis and consult her with the doubts you have or share with her the experiences and changes that Adventure n Oneness membership has brought to you.

Current Rikka Events / Live Stream Classes

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