Manifest Absolutely Anything v2.0 Rishan
I came across Manifest Absolutely Anything v2.0 by Rishan B before there was a v2.0 to revew.

I received an email promoting it from John Assaraf, which is rather unusual for him – he’s a very big name in the spiritual / self help arena and does not sound out many product promotions.

The fact that Rishan was clearly just starting out, based on the extremely simple page he had, made me rather impressed that he was able to get such a high profile dude to promote his product.

It immediately suggested that Rishan actually could manifest some big goals. I couldn’t imagine how many people are hustling Mr. Assaraf to get an email out to his massive list of subscribers.

It’s all a bit more interesting because unlike the usual high ticket stuff, Manifest Absolutely Anything costs less than $40

If you’d like to check out the official site or want to jump in, you can do that here


I get tons of emails for products like this, but partially from this context (“how’d he do that?”) and something about the presentation of it, I felt a bit of a pull towards checking out Manifest Absolutely Anything. When I feel this, which is not very common any more, there is invariably at least some part of the product that will not just be rehashed to me.

Rishan seemed genuine, the story presented was down to earth and not so overhyped with “I visualized and then the next day houses and cars fell out of the sky.” It was also so damn inexpensive, and it still is, so I checked it out.

Why I’m Glad I Bought This Program

It’s become common knowledge these days in this whole consciousness world that it’s a good thing to visualize what you want. Not only visualize it, but feel it, “act as if,” and so on. The thing is, I have not come across many things that give you a good, solid blueprint on how to do this: a system, a routine, something that can get you in touch with the emotional state consistently.

Also, something to actually help you form the vision itself so you can develop it, hold it and strengthen it. Also, the bottom line is that visualizing requires a type of focus that we do not normally exercise, and requires practice.

Manifest absolutely anything v2.0 really does deal with all of these issues, even though it’s pretty short. It’s just to the point, and doesn’t drag it out into a 10 DVD course. It helps you form a vision using all of your senses, and presents a real routine and practice to strengthen and hold that in a way that acknowledges that this is a daily practice. Here are some of the things manifest absolutely anything works with:

1.  Getting in touch with what you really want, through a questioning process that is useful.

2. Acknowledging and working with how believable you think the goal is. Something very important and often overlooked!

3. What if I’m not a visual person? An important question. Manifest absolutely anything v2.0 has a series of questions and processes to get you in touch with various sensory and emotional experiences that the goal would create, to help you feel the energy of the goal in the kinesthetic and auditory levels as well. Even if you are extremely visual, all of these elements are important.

4. A powerful script and process to get you into a meditative state where you can more deeply experience the entire process. In a way, this part right here is really worth way more than the price of admission. Let’s talk a little bit about this script.


Here is a video of Rishan presenting some of his material. This is not directly from the course but gives you an example of his skill with presenting concepts like this. The actual course is higher quality in terms of visual / audio.

Manifest Absolutely Anything v.20 Visualization Script (and recording)

In my opinion, this is where you really get your money’s worth – even though it’s a really inexpensive buy, for this program. Rishan says he has studied a lot of different methods and I actually can recognize several of them in this script, but it is all organized and combined into an efficient process that is very powerful.

The idea here is getting yourself into a deeper state with slower brainwave activity, so that the kinesthetic and emotional image you have crafted in the earlier part of Manifest Absolutely Anything v2.0 gets more deeply experienced and embedded into you.

This takes things way beyond the sort of passive, kinda-picture-what-you-want for a few seconds and then your mind immediately jumps to something else thing that is so common. This is about creating a genuine emotional experience… one that will energetically get you in touch with the feeling of having what you want.

Whether you look at things from a total “everything is vibration and manifest from the universe” law of attraction type of perspective, or a sheer “get yourself inspired and fired up to take action” perspective, this process will be useful for you.

The process combines words and specific visualizations to relax the body, processes to expand your awareness to feel like you are expanding, and several other tools in a specific sequence. It is done in steps that are “anchored” to certain numbers (as you do it more, simply visualizing the numbers will initiate your body relaxing into that state) – much like is done in the Silva Method but with many other processes integrated.

Rather than stopping at getting you into this state, there are some additional steps to help you get more deeply in touch with what you have set as your intention once there. I’ve had some very vivid experiences using this technique that, once again, go far deeper than if you were to just- right now- picture something you want.

I actually now use much of the first part of this process in my regular meditation practice, or just to relax, regardless of whether or not I have the intention of specifically creating something.

A nice new addition to Manifest Absolutely Anything, which you will get now compared to when I originally bought it, is an audio recording of the script. This of course is useful because you can relax and be guided through the experience rather than reading it or memorizing it. That said, I essentially had it memorized and found that very useful.

Manifest Absolutely Anything Review – Closing Thoughts

In closing, this is a really solid process and excellent buy for under $20 in my opinion. The whole “visualize what you want” genre is really loaded with garbage products, and you may have noticed I’m starting to go the route of posting some of them here so you know what to stay away from when it’s being pushed for a quick affiliate buck.

It’s right to be skeptical about any product like this, but I can definitely vouch for Manifest Absolutely Anything. It contains some very useful and practical tools and processes to help you TRAIN your mind and body to experience what it really means to step into the experience of something you want.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2014: It appears that purchasing this product now automatically enrolls you into a free trial of a continued training program. This is bonus extra material for the same price, but please make sure that if you are not interested in continuing with it after the free trial that you cancel that. If this is incorrect, please let me know in the comments.

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